Patch Work & Other Small Repairs

We have patched up many holes using our wall and ceiling repairs techniques, making the structures appear as if the damage never happened. When we are in your building, our main goal—as one of Caboolture’s leading plastering companies—is the improvement and protection of your property. We will cover all furniture and floorings to ensure that every part of your property is protected while we do the necessary work. Gyprock plaster helps to ensure that the work we do is compatible with what already exists in the building and can make everything we work on look like its new again.

We are recognized for our high-quality finishes among the best plastering companies in the area, which ensures that we are fully capable of meeting any small plastering repair work in an exceedingly short period of time and at a very reasonable price through the use of Gyprock plaster. These are the jobs that many people unsuccessfully attempt to do on their own.

These types of jobs include:

  • Re-plastering or fixing damaged plaster in an isolated portion of the building using Gyprock plaster.
  • Ceiling repairs following water damage with equipment and materials that help to prevent future leaking.


We do many kitchen renovations in which customers learn quickly how vast the possibilities are for plans to renew kitchens. We will help you become familiar with all the ways you can update, rearrange, or completely renew the design of your kitchen. We will assist you in making a plan that is consistent with your desires, your budget, and your time frame, working directly with you to make sure that you get exactly the kitchen you want. We pride ourselves not only in the high quality of work we accomplish but also in our attention to our customers’ needs and desires, making us one of highest rated plastering companies with regards to customer satisfaction.

Redesigning kitchens often includes working with the kitchen cornice and pelmet. The kitchen cornice is the edge of the kitchen cabinet that is built on top of wall cabinets. The kitchen pelmet is a smaller edge built around the bottom of the cabinet. We can adjust these as they already exist in your kitchen, replace the existing cornice and pelmet with a whole new structure or add them into a new home. Regardless of the type of kitchen renovation you are looking for, we want to help you get what you want in the most cost-effective way possible. We always seek to ensure our work is both as close to perfect as possible yet without unnecessarily expensive labour or supplies that cost the customers more money than they should have to pay. As a result, we are often considered as offering exceedingly great value amongst our customers

Of course, we are able and willing to do similar renovation work for any room in your home or office building. We are equipped with professional renovation experts, plasterers, plastering contractors, supplies, and materials including Gyprock plaster for jobs that make us one of the most varied and flexible plastering companies in the Caboolture area. We are equipped for work related to carpentry, demolition, painting and all other practices related to renovations, including Commercial plasterer work. As such, our goal is to ensure that each customer gets the renovation they are after

Miscellaneous Plastering Services

In addition to plastering work in the various rooms of houses and office buildings, our plasters and plastering contractors also work often and successfully with stairwells. We are experienced and equipped to plaster, paint, and accomplish high-quality wall and ceiling repairs around which any type of stairway is built, once again helping to offer a great value through the use of Gyprock plaster. These are among the most difficult spots for people attempting do-it-yourself repairs, so plasterers and plastering contractors are recommended for this type of project. However, our plasterers are experienced in fixing trained to fix these spots and as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Similarly, our plastering teams expertise in working with other tricky spots like skylights who will ensure that the best job possible at the lowest cost possible.

Beyond the work of our plastering contractors and plasterers, we offer carpentry services including flooring, walls, ceiling repairs, partitions, doors and skirting. For residential projects, we accomplish high quality work for new homes, homes that are currently being lived in and need repairs or renovation, and multi-unit complexes and developments. Whether your need is in a single room or multiple rooms within the same building or complex, we will work with you to accomplish the work exactly according to your specifications. We are similarly flexible in our work with businesses and office buildings, able to accomplish any repair, replacement or renovation with regards to any aspect of the building’s structure.